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Hawaii State Track and Field Championships 2019, An MDT Story

So I was visiting Tennessee this past week when I got an email Monday (April 29) from Marissa, at McKenzie Institute International (MII) asking if I could help track coach, Linda Thompson. Linda coaches at Kamehameha high school on the Big Island of Hawaii and needed help fast as the state championships were in 4 days on Maui! This is long, BUT a remarkable story of the power of MDT. Timeline: Monday, April 29: Linda emailed MII searching for help for Chenoa Frederick. Their track star who has been dealing with recurrent low back pain since January this year due to a soccer injury. Tuesday, April 30: I contacted Coach Linda and set up a Facetime consult with Chenoa and her mom, Liliha as I am traveling back to Maui. I Facetimed them 15-20 min in Phoenix Airport before boarding. I was able to get some quick info and do a quick mechanical exam and provisional mechanical diagnosis was a posterior derangement. I educated (Hallmark of MDT) Chenoa and her mom, regarding what that meant and set Chenoa up with a quick home exercise prescription (one direction of movement for self-management). With recommendation to sit and bend as little as possible (yeah right, she is a junior in high school about to leave for school and sitting all day!). Wednesday, May 1: I keep in touch with Mom and Coach and set up visit in my clinic Thursday afternoon. (How fortunate that states were on Maui this year!). Pic 1 shows motion Wednesday morning. Pic 2 shows motion Wednesday afternoon. What a great patient!

Thursday, May 2: Clinic visit, we were able to quickly restore pain free end range back extension (always goal number 1). On further questioning it was discovered, she also had an underlying thoracic derangement that responded rapidly to repeated thoracic extension and full pain free thoracic range of motion was restored. More education to re-enforce derangement model, posture awareness and reminder to sit/bend as little as possible. Didn’t think to snap pics. Friday, May 3: Early afternoon I get text from Coach Linda with This Pic: “18’2” first jump, she will win!” (Gold medal number one, defending first of her titles).

Saturday, May 4: Track meet with pouring rain a lot of the day, Chenoa goes on to win gold in the triple jump, high jump and 100 m! She also competes in the 200 m and 400 m runs but scratched those due to wanting to defend her titles in the triple jump, and 100 m run. It was a long day due to rain and rain delays, but at the end of the day, Chenoa left with 4 gold medals out of 4 events entered! I heard her say she was exhausted and deservedly so, but stating due to not sitting all day (what a great patient!)

There are several remarkable pieces to this story starting with: (1) Chenoa Frederick, who is an unbelievably gifted athlete to have even made states at all due to far from ideal training time for months due to back pain. As you can see from her first pics above, she was very stiff as late as Wednesday, but having very good joint mobility when healthy (Friday pic). (2) She has phenomenal coaching and family support. It was awesome getting to know them all! (3) IIx muscle fibers (or fast twitch fibers) can get deconditioned when not used consistently and can cause muscle strain if then stressed more than they were trained. Granted this is mor