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Spine Clinic ~ Sport & Work Injury~ Surgery Prevention


Physical Therapy

Spine/Extremity Pain

At Therapeutic Associates of Maui, you will be treated by MDT trained clinicians. From day one our goal is to identify all musculoskeletal disorders, aggravating positions or activities as quickly as possible. We then work together to identify movements or positions that decrease or abolish pain. Then by decreasing or eliminating irritating factors while performing movements that alleviate the pain, we stop working against our body's very efficient healing mechanism. Each client's program is tailored to their individual problem. 

The TAM approach provides patients with the education to manage their injury — this allows them to become independent with self-management.

Certified Hand Therapy Candidate

Injury & Pain

At Therapeutic Associates of Maui, you will be treated by a Certified Hand Therapist Candidate. Kate will be sitting for the Certified Hand Therapy Exam Early 2024. Kate is highly skilled in custom splinting techniques. In fact, She developed orthosis and hand therapy programs for in-and out-patients at Common Spirit in the Greater Phoenix East Valley, working extensively with trauma, orthopedic, plastic reconstructive, and neurological rehabilitation.

Patient with Healthcare Nurse

Balance and vestibular Training

Our new PT Ariana is a vestibular specialist, who trained at the world renowned Mayo Clinic, treating things like BPPV, vertigo, Meniere's, acoustic neuromas, TBI, post concussive vestibular dysfunction, and other vestibulopathy's. She is well versed as well with CVA, FND, FMD, TBI, TIA, Parkinson’s, MS, ALS, etc

Balancing Beam
Video Analysis.PNG

Movement Video Analysis

Get a video analysis of your posture and movement to help you understand what you are doing that is contributing to your pain. More importantly, these faulty movement patterns can contribute to catastrophic injuries in sports such as ACL or Achilles shreds. In addition to pulling muscles or having tendonitis. Chronically, these patterns can cause you to destroy your joints causing the need for joint replacements which are increasing at 15-20%/year for no apparent reason. But those reason are faulty movement patterns that CAN BE CORRECTED. We are all born to move the right way but our lifestyles of too much sitting, bending in poor posture and even the way we train decode those patterns. Good movement is why Tom Brady, Michael Jordan and Nolan Ryan among a few who all defied age and played longer in their careers than most athletes.

We can help you level up and stop hurting yourself and more importantly move and feel better!


Injury Prevention at Work

Work Site Prevention/Treatment

Therapeutic Associates will come to your office or work site. After communicating with your team and sizing up their occupation and daily activities we can teach your employees how to work in safer positions. Understanding the mechanics of a job allows the employee to work smarter, not harder!  This will also improve your employee's overall health, attendance and performance and save on disability, additional insurance and medical expenses. We can also come and set up and exercise program and teach your employees how to decrease their risk of future injury. We are spine and movement specialists.

Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy

McKenzie Method

The McKenzie Method of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy is an active patient treatment philosophy that emphasizes prevention and intervention, and encourages patients to be in control of their own treatment. Its roots originated in the 1950's from the late Robin McKenzie, who over subsequent decades clinically tested and researched the phenomenon that became a highly effective, proven system of assessment, diagnosis and treatment of back and extremity pain.


Lymphedema Treatment

What is Lymphedema?

Lymphedema is a buildup of lymph fluid in the tissues just under the skin. This condition causes swelling (or edema), most often in the arms or legs, but in rare cases it can also affect the face, neck, abdomen or genitals. Lymphedema is a common disease, affecting an estimated three million Americans. 

There are two types of lymphedema:

  • Primary lymphedema is due to a congenital malformation in which lymphatic vessels are impaired or missing. Persons with this are born with genes that put them at an increased risk of developing lymphedema. This type of lymphedema is rare and may appear at any age.

  • Secondary lymphedema, or acquired type, is the most common type of lymphedema. This can occur after an infection, a traumatic injury, surgery, and cancer treatment (radiation and/or surgery). This type of lymphedema can also appear at any age.


Individuals with lymphedema experience a feeling of heaviness in their limb(s), persistent swelling, slight discomfort in the joints, cosmetic deformity, and repeated episodes of infection, such as cellulitis, in the affected area. There is no cure for lymphedema; however, there are effective treatment programs.

Left untreated, lymphedema can lead to:

  • Significantly increased limb size with reduced range of motion

  • Decreased function and eventual disability of the extremity

  • Fibrosis of the tissue with permanent disfigurement

  • Fungal and bacterial infections

  • Chronic ulcerations/wounds

  • Tissue death


Lymphedema Treatment: What to Expect

Lymphedema can limit the ability to perform self-care, home management, community activities, and work. The most effective treatment of lymphedema is a course of Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT) performed by a qualified therapist. CDT consists of five components:

  • Manual lymph drainage (MLD) - a gentle therapeutic massage technique that stimulates existing lymph nodes and pathways to assist the body with draining excess fluid. This is a "hands-on" manipulation of both the body tissue with lymphedema and the adjacent selected areas.

  • Compression bandaging and compression garments - bandaging of the affected limb follows each session of MLD. The bandages are worn continually to keep the limb from refilling with lymph fluid. This is done for a period of multiple weeks in preparation for fitting the limb with a compression garment.

  • Remedial exercises - an individualized exercise program is developed for each individual to be completed while wearing compression.

  • Skincare - meticulous skincare is essential for individuals with lymphedema. Each individual will be trained in skincare techniques to reduce the risk of infection.

  • Patient education - the most essential part of lymphedema treatment. Individuals are educated in all aspects of their lymphedema management program. This improves the individual's compliance with recommendations resulting in a better long-term outcome.

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