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2019 Ritz Carlton, Kapalua Health Fair

Great time at the Ritz Carlton, Kapalua Health Fair yesterday. I promise my set up was better than this. Forgot to take pic as I had broken down and got a quickie! But, chatted with multiple employees with long standing spine pain. Either haven't sought care, or worse, had care that had no chance of helping long term. One lady: 51 y/o, asked about back pain. She has had back pain since teenage years and never really had treatment. She has scoliosis and has been written off as that was the cause. Asking simple questions such as does the pain change with Position? Do you have good days/bad days? How does sitting, standing, walking affect the pain. "Worse with sitting, better with standing and walking." And to look at this lady walking around, it was not apparent she has had pain her whole life. BUT a few minutes chatting and it is very apparent her pain is very RAPIDLY fixable! Scoliosis, DJD/Stenosis/DDD, spondylolisthesis and many other findings are just that, FINDINGS on imaging. So, don't be content by being told you have these, or maybe you need to lose weight (also irrelevant), or you need to stretch or strengthen. You cannot stretch or strengthen pain away and how can you possibly lose weight when you are in so much pain!? It is actually stupid easy to tell if your pain is fixable. MDT is validated by numerous published studies that report up to 91% of acute (recent onset) low back (or neck) pain and 50% of chronic or pre-surgical pain is “rapidly reversible”. "Too many sufferers are not being offered this evaluation before undergoing unnecessary, risky, and expensive treatments, including imaging, injections, and surgery." MDT FIRST contact us a Therapeutic Associates of Maui and stop hurting!

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