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Spine Clinic ~ Sport & Work Injury~ Surgery Prevention


Physical Therapy

Spine/Extremity Pain

At Therapeutic Associates of Maui, you will be treated by MDT trained clinicians. From day one our goal is to identify all musculoskeletal disorders, aggravating positions or activities as quickly as possible. We then work together to identify movements or positions that decrease or abolish pain. Then by decreasing or eliminating irritating factors while performing movements that alleviate the pain, we stop working against our body's very efficient healing mechanism. Each client's program is tailored to their individual problem. 

The TAM approach provides patients with the education to manage their injury — this allows them to become independent with self-management.

Patient with Healthcare Nurse

Certified Hand Therapy

Hand/Wrist/Elbow/Shoulder Injury & Pain

At Therapeutic Associates of Maui, you will be treated by one of Maui's only Certified Hand Therapists. She is highly skilled in custom splinting techniques. More importantly she is MDT trained to make sure your extremity pain is an actually coming from your extremity and NOT from your spine. This is a very common mistake and why many extremity injuries become chronic as often the treatment is focused on the symptoms and not the root cause. Donna, can screen that out on Day 1!


Injury Prevention and Ergonomic Solutions

Work Site Prevention/Treatment

Therapeutic Associates will come to your office or work site. After communicating with your team and sizing up their occupation and daily activities we can teach your employees how to work in safer positions. Understanding the mechanics of a job allows the employee to work smarter, not harder!  This will also improve your employee's overall health, attendance and performance and save on disability, additional insurance and medical expenses. We can also come and set up and exercise program and teach your employees how to decrease their risk of future injury. We are spine and movement specialists.

Constuction Worker

On-site Job Description/Analysis

Work Hardening/Conditioning

The majority of injuries dealing with the spine, occur not because of trauma, but due to every day wear and tear. Healing of these injuries is actually quite simple. Damaged tissue needs to be slowly loaded (stressed) as it heals to form a strong repair. Problems arise when we unknowingly continue to load the healing tissue excessively and irritate and slow that process down. We do this by resuming the very positions that broke us down and caused the original injury. Examples are prolonged sitting, repetitive bending, or any sustained position. Another way we decrease the body's healing mechanism is by not stressing the healing tissue enough. Usually, after the acute stage of an injury has passed (3-7 days), rest actually becomes a hindrance rather then helping the healing process. So, by "babying" our injury, the damaged tissue can take much longer to heal. In addition, by not progressively loading the healing tissue, the repair is weak and vulnerable to re-injury. 

This means resuming previous activities as soon as possible in a gradual manner and letting your pain be your guide. Total abolition of normal activities in favor of rest and "taking it easy" are detrimental. 

Injury prevention and ergonomic solutions

Computer Screens

PT eval on your time

TeleHealth PT consult

MDT allows us to perform an exam via skype or facetime. Insurance hasn't caught up with this yet, so this will be a cash service only at this time. And we can follow up via phone, text, facetime. But due to direct access, you can schedule without the cost of going to and M.D. for a referral or missing time off work. If we need, we can get you to the clinic if your problem is more complicated requiring hands on mobilization.

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